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Are Curtains Just for Windows?

Updated: May 31, 2022

Are curtains and drapes just for windows? Absolutely NOT! Here are 5 ways to decorate your home with curtains that do not involve windows. These unique ideas will add new inspiration to your interior design experience.

1. Wall Covering

Using custom curtains to cover walls adds a soft texture to the room. Surrounding your space with fabric creates a cozy atmosphere. This is a great solution if you have a draft in the room or need to cover unsightly views. It is also a perfect way to cover walls that are rough and unfinished. @thehighballhouse, the design team covered the walls with the textured velvet in muted clay to create an “I dream of Genie” feeling that is fabulous.

2. Space Divider

Separate a shared space by hanging a custom drapery panel from wall to wall, or from the ceiling. Select a color that blends with your wall paint or a neutral to keep the room from feeling smaller. Using curtains for a room divider allows you to easily open and close the space depending on your needs in a moment’s notice.

3. Turn a Nook into a Bedroom

Do you have a space that is big enough for a bed but does not have a door? This is a perfect use for a custom curtain. @casacabin, the design team used the linen in natural curtain panels in the archway to create the sleeping nook.

4. Closet Door Cover

A fabric curtain door is an effortless way to update and replace a sliding track closet door. Use a decorative curtain rod and clip rings if you mount the curtains on the outside of the door. Move the rod up to the ceiling and it will increase the visual height of the room. For a more minimal aesthetic, mount a curtain rod inside the closet door.

5. Hide Under the Sink Storage

Hide under the sink supplies with a shorter curtain. Here at @casacabin the linen in natural has been hung using a tension rod. This fabric blends with the surroundings and adds a perfect finishing touch to the space.

At the drape, we offer custom curtains for all spaces in all lengths. In a few steps, you can create the custom panel that is perfect for your home, for a window or one of these non-window ideas. Order free swatchesso you can feel the fabric and see the colors in your space. Once you decide on that, select the top styling, lining and length. If you need guidance any step of the way, we are available at or schedule a complimentary consultation.


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