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  • Refresh & Reset: Bedroom

    This week in our Refresh and Reset series we are discussing the bedroom. This is a room that you spend a lot of time in and research continues to point to healthy sleep habits as key to staying healthy both physically and mentally, making the bedroom one of the most important rooms in your home. The bedroom is a space to create a sanctuary. It is a place that reflects your personal style and comforts. Whether you choose to escape to your bedroom to relax with a book, or wind down after a long day, these are secondary functions of the bedroom. The primary function should always be sleep that allows you to recharge and reset. Let’s explore how to use window curtains to improve your ability to get good quality sleep. Being well-rested has been shown to improve mental health, wellbeing, and possibly immune function. Creating an environment that promotes sleep is crucial, but it also needs to be stylish. We will look at the different styling options, so your personality can envelop you in this special private sanctuary, waking up to a bedroom that you love. It is well known that to sleep well a room needs to be cool and dark. At the drape, we have a blackout liner that can be added to any window curtain fabric, color, and style. The blackout liner blocks out 100% of light. To determine if the opacity of this lining is dark enough for you, order a free swatch today. You can either hold the swatch up to your window, or shine a flashlight behind it. The blackout window curtain liner can be added to any fabric in our collection, or purchased separately. The bedroom is your private personal space. This is not a room that is typically shown off to company, but that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on style and attention to detail. Unlike a living room or dining room that may have your “public” aesthetic, you can make your bedroom extra-special and just for you. Once you select a window fabric and color, the next step is to select the style of curtains. This is how the curtains will hang from the rod. ROD POCKET This is a 3” pocket across the top of the curtain. When threaded onto a curtain rod, it creates a shirred look. BACK TAB There are loops on the back of the curtain. When looped through the curtain rod they create a wave effect. GROMMET This is a metal ring that is added to the top of the window curtain. The fabric in the center of the ring is removed. The grommets are placed on the curtain rod. This creates a wave effect, but in this style, the rod is visible. PINCH PLEAT The fabric is gathered in 3 tight folds. There are small loops on the back of the window curtain. The rod can be laced through these loops. Another option for styling a Rod Pocket, Back Tab, or Pinch Pleat panel is with clip rings. No matter what fabric, color, or style you select, the bedroom is the place you go at the end of the day for relaxation and rejuvenation. We are here to help you along this journey with helpful tips, free swatches, and complimentary design consultations. Book a session today!

  • Refresh & Reset: Living Room

    We are going to kick off our refresh and reset series with a look at living room styling and how to utilize window curtains in this space. The living room is the heart of a home, the most used space in the house, especially in recent years. The living room is now the epicenter of many of our lives. A living room might also function as an office, a classroom, a gym, and a place for hobbies. Multi-purpose usage does not mean that design and style need to go to the wayside. In between an open concept plan and traditional space of delineated rooms exists the new concept of small, purposeful spaces within the room as a whole. Since we have established that the living room is the heart of the home, this busy area needs to be both functional and comfortable. It needs to be both a place to accomplish tasks and a place to unwind and relax. At the drape, we believe window curtains are more than a nice-to-have item. They can transform a room and should be made a priority when decorating. Here are three design tips to get you started: Create Space: Hang your curtain rods as high as possible above the window trim. This design tip has two benefits. The first is that a higher placed rod with drapery cascading down to the floor will make the room feel like it has more height. The second is that mounting the rods above the window will allow more sunshine and light in. The linen in natural allows light to filter in with a soft glow evoking warmth and coziness that welcomes and draws you in. Use Color: All design styles revolve around color: elegant, classic, contemporary, eclectic, maximalist, and bohemian. Using window curtains allows you to layer on a large swatch of color to your decor. The living room is a space you spend a lot of time in so take the time to contemplate and compare colors. Order swatches and take time to make your color choices. Remember not to overlook the amount of coverage a drapery panel has. Here are some popular color inspirations. You can pull an accent color like the gold from a pattern in the room and use a window curtain like the textured velvet in honey gold as a pop against the walls. If prints and patterns in a signature color cover your furniture, walls, and floors, then solid window curtains in the same color will frame the windows. This creates a place for the eye to rest and allows the patterns to be the star. A third idea is matching the wall color and the window curtain color to make the room feel larger creating a continuous expanse for the eye. This works with bold colors like the muted clay textured velvet. Neutral colors also work well for this design tip, creating a backdrop that you can play with as seasons change. Play Up Texture: Creating designated areas and nooks in your living room may start to feel busy. Select a core color or color palette and add the interest with texture. Using texture as the key design element for our living room does not mean that the window curtains need to be a heavy woven fabric. The texture can be in layering. Adding drapes over blinds is a way to add depth and interest to a window. Hanging a window panel like the room darkener curtain in stone will also help keep heat inside. Have fun and express yourself during the refresh and reset of your home. If you become overwhelmed and need help with your window curtain decisions, sign up for a complimentary design consultation.

  • New Year, New Home!

    What are your plans for the year ahead? Are they amazing and fantastic? Do you jump in and try to do everything at once? Being able to reset in January is a gift of optimism for all of us. It is a time when you can lay out what you would like to accomplish and spread it over the upcoming months. Is refreshing your home on the list? Make this a fun project that will last the whole year! Do not feel like you need to do everything the first week of January. We will break it down room by room. Every week this month, we will discuss the design and style of window curtains for different rooms and spaces in the home. We plan to cover the living room, bedroom, children’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. There are many different ways to use window curtains in your home. There are sheer panels that let in light and soften the mood while blackout curtains are ideal for your bedroom. Is there a space like a laundry room or cubby that you would prefer to make “disappear” behind a curtain? As we undertake this home reset, we will do it with meaning and purpose. We spend a lot of time in our homes. Take the time to think about your style and what you like. Are there colors or fabrics that bring you joy? We recommend using your social media platforms to help: create collections on Instagram for saving posts and do the same with boards on Pinterest. You can follow @shopthedrape on both platforms. At the drape, we offer two great resources. 5 free swatches: Ordering swatches allow you to feel the fabric and see the colors in your home. Complimentary 30-minute design consultations: This time can be used to discuss color choices, get guidance and assistance measuring, or have one of our designers confirm your selections. Selecting quality window curtains that are custom to your home will bring you joy. Design and create what you want and you will have a finished product that you are proud to display in your home. At the drape, we make each window curtain just for you so there is no extra waste.

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    swatches Use promo code: 5FREE for 5 Free Swatches We also offer our entire swatch library for $20 the cotton canvas the cotton canvas - charcoal swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the cotton canvas - indigo swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the cotton canvas - muted clay swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the cotton canvas - natural swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the cotton canvas - white swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the textured velvet the textured velvet - cream swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the textured velvet - dark grey swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the textured velvet - honey gold swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the textured velvet - mink swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the textured velvet - muted clay swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the linen the linen - natural swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the linen - olive swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the linen - white swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the velvet the velvet - dove swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the velvet - indigo swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the velvet - ink swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the velvet - off white swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the room darkener the room darkener - black swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the room darkener - denim swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the room darkener - spruce green swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the room darkener - stone swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the room darkener - tan swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart sheers the cotton sheer - off-white swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the linen blend sheer - natural swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart linings the privacy lining - white swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart the blackout lining - white swatch Price $1.00 Add to Cart

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