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  • Custom Curtain Fabric Spotlight: the linen

    At the drape We have a curated assortment of fabrics available for custom window curtains. It can be difficult to choose which fabric is best for your windows and drapery interior design dreams. In this blog edition, we will share the details of one of our fabrics, the linen. We will review how it is made, the history, and ways to design custom curtains. Linen is a natural fabric and is one of the oldest textiles. Linen is a cellulosic fiber that comes from the flax plant. Fabric made from linen fibers can be dated back to at least 3,000 BC. It is a beautiful material that is durable and a touch luxurious. Linen is grown throughout the world, with the largest bulk crops coming from Eastern Europe and China. The Four main steps to growing flax are sowing, growing, flowering, and pulling. In Eastern Europe, linen seeds are planted between mid-March and mid-April. Flax is a fast-growing crop and needs 100 days to mature. The water needed us primarily provided by rain and dew. As the plants mature, they start to grow quickly, as much as 2 inches in a day. The flax plants flower in mid-June. A 3-foot-tall flax plant will have over 100 small blue flowers. Five weeks after the flowering, the plants are “pulled” from the ground. By pulling the plants, the long fibers are protected. The roots stay in the soil, breaking down and enriching the ground for the next crop. After harvest, the fibers need to be prepared. There are three steps before spinning and they are retting, scutching, and combing. Retting is the process of separating the fibers and is aided by water. If the conditions are right, a little rain in the field will start this process. Sometimes chemicals are used to speed the process up. All parts of the flax plant can be used for something. In scutching, the long and short fibers are separated. Long fibers are used for making yarn and fabric for fashion and home textiles. The shorter fibers are used in a variety of composites, including dollar bills. Once the long fibers are separated, they are combed to remove dirt and debris. Then they are stretched and pulled into long continuous ribbons. Before weaving fabric, the linen is spun into yarn. While spinning, the fibers will create small slubs which is one of the beautiful things about linen fabrics. Linen can be dyed in a wide variety of colors. The yarn is bleached before dying. Some fabric is woven and then dyed, becoming a piece dye fabric, while other fabrics are woven with pre dyed yarns resulting in what is called a yarn dye fabric. Here are some customer successes with the the linen in natural, olive and white At the drape, the linen is piece-dyed in three colors: white, natural, and olive. This fabric has a subtle texture in both the warp and the weft. Window curtains made from the linen adds a casual elegance to any home. Customizing the top style of the linen as a back tab curtain panel, pinch pleat drapery panel, or any of the other options, will transform your house into a home. This is a medium-weight fabric that will filter light. Control and choose the situational light management that you need by Adding the privacy liner or blackout liner. Order free swatches today and admire the quality and color from the comfort of your home.

  • Celebrate Earth Week

    We have one planet and it is our collective responsibility to keep it healthy. Choices are made every day, paper straws, reusable water bottles, curbside recycling, and more. Every action counts. When all actions are added together, we can start to make an effective change. There are choices available when you decorate your home. Sustainable décor can help reduce your carbon footprint. It means you opt to style your home with choices that are thoughtful and meaningful. You will reuse and recycle whenever possible and select items that are responsibly sourced. When it is time to decorate or redecorate, do not rush into decisions. Trends are amazing and helpful. Use them as inspiration but stay true to yourself. Selecting colors, furniture, décor pieces that are meaningful to you, will fill your space, home and life with joy. Invest in exactly what you want. Waiting to get the piece that you really want is less wasteful. That does not mean that everything needs to be brand new. Shop at thrift stores and vintage retailers to find amazing deals on pre-loved items. Handmade items are another way to support individual artists and designers and have a beautiful object. When possible, select plastic alternatives. Use glass, ceramic or tin when you can. If there is a décor item, piece of furniture, or even a rug that no longer serves you, donate or sell it, giving it a second life. Add plants to your home. They will naturally help clean the air. Find pots and containers at tag sales or flea markets. Or up-cycle something you already have. Reduce the use of energy in your home, by turning off lights and being mindful of appliances. Pay attention to how much water you use doing the dishes or brushing your teeth. Replacing your standard curtains with blackout curtains will reduce your energy bill. The blackout curtains will insulate your windows and help you keep the temperature regulated in your room. During the winter the warm air will stay in the room and in the summer if you have an air conditioner running, they will reduce the amount of sun warming up the space. At the drape, we custom make each curtain. This means there is less waste. You can select the styling that is what you want. We offer fabrics with natural fibers like cotton and linen, and a blackout liner that will add an extra layer of efficiency. To start your custom curtain journey, order free swatches and review the quality and colors you dream of.

  • Are Curtains Just for Windows?

    Are curtains and drapes just for windows? Absolutely NOT! Here are 5 ways to decorate your home with curtains that do not involve windows. These unique ideas will add new inspiration to your interior design experience. 1. Wall Covering Using custom curtains to cover walls adds a soft texture to the room. Surrounding your space with fabric creates a cozy atmosphere. This is a great solution if you have a draft in the room or need to cover unsightly views. It is also a perfect way to cover walls that are rough and unfinished. @thehighballhouse, the design team covered the walls with the textured velvet in muted clay to create an “I dream of Genie” feeling that is fabulous. 2. Space Divider Separate a shared space by hanging a custom drapery panel from wall to wall, or from the ceiling. Select a color that blends with your wall paint or a neutral to keep the room from feeling smaller. Using curtains for a room divider allows you to easily open and close the space depending on your needs in a moment’s notice. 3. Turn a Nook into a Bedroom Do you have a space that is big enough for a bed but does not have a door? This is a perfect use for a custom curtain. @casacabin, the design team used the linen in natural curtain panels in the archway to create the sleeping nook. 4. Closet Door Cover A fabric curtain door is an effortless way to update and replace a sliding track closet door. Use a decorative curtain rod and clip rings if you mount the curtains on the outside of the door. Move the rod up to the ceiling and it will increase the visual height of the room. For a more minimal aesthetic, mount a curtain rod inside the closet door. 5. Hide Under the Sink Storage Hide under the sink supplies with a shorter curtain. Here at @casacabin the linen in natural has been hung using a tension rod. This fabric blends with the surroundings and adds a perfect finishing touch to the space. At the drape, we offer custom curtains for all spaces in all lengths. In a few steps, you can create the custom panel that is perfect for your home, for a window or one of these non-window ideas. Order free swatchesso you can feel the fabric and see the colors in your space. Once you decide on that, select the top styling, lining and length. If you need guidance any step of the way, we are available at or schedule a complimentary consultation.

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  • the linen blend sheer | the drape

    the linen blend sheer Out of gallery Add interest and light management to your windows with our linen blend sheer. This sheer is a mix of polyester and linen and is 52" wide with weighted corners. The sheer fits any standard rod 1.5" or smaller and can be completely customized to your desired length. Add a privacy lining or 100% blackout to darken the room as needed. Each panel measures 52" wide 80% polyester 20% linen Delivery 14 - 30 days (Choose your shipping option) Dry Clean Only Weighted bottom hem Comes in grommet, backtab, pinch pleat, or rod pocket option Option to add privacy or blackout lining Imported Linings and Styling Options Lining Options Unlined Provides natural light control Style Options Rod Pocket Sheers Sheer curtains softly diffuse light They provide privacy while allowing light to enter your home. Sheers can be use on their own or layered with panels. Panels Panels are opaque They are commonly used for darkening of a room. Additional linings can be added to further darkening. A great find Alex B, New York, NY Redecorating is my quarantine fun. I loved finding the drape. The swatches showed up in just a few days. I couldn’t decided between textured velvet and the room darkener. I wanted texture but also something that would block light. For the bedroom, I chose the textured velvet and added the blackout lining. I had some questions about top treatment so I chatted with Becky who answered all my questions and helped me verify my measurements! Really Nice! Glenn V, Laurel, Montana I really like this curtain for my yoga studio. The room has a strange shape so I needed a few panels of different lengths and this is the only site I was able to find where I could order the same fabric in multiple lengths without spending tens of thousands. It is a little pricier than if I went somewhere else, but I was able to order exactly what I needed and that is worth it to me.

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