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Fabulous Fall Decorating Tips and Trends for the Home

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

My favorite season is always the one we are about to enter. Summer is wrapping up, school has started, and pumpkin season is upon us. This all makes Fall my new favorite. The official kick-off is September 22nd, but like all of you, I am starting early.

Transitioning our wardrobe, dusting off boots, and pulling out sweaters, is a sure sign that summer is winding down. It is also time to transform your home décor. The holiday rush has not started, things are getting cozy, and we are slowing down. Activities are moving indoors, and this year, we are all more comfortable gathering in small groups.

What home décor trends do you want to follow this fall? The two we will focus on are color and texture. Making big changes or small, it is time to get your pumpkin spice latte or mulled cider and redecorate.

Fall Color Trends

Earthy colors are in for fall. This is a broad palette encompassing neutrals and colors. This year we are moving away from the cool greys that have been present.

The neutral palette encompasses colors like sand, walnut, mushroom, oatmeal, dove, and cream. Shades of grey with more red in them and are closer to wood tones have more legs this season.

Colors that are rich and sumptuous will build on the earthy neutrals. Starting with burnt orange, caramel, cinnamon, clay, and terracotta in the red family. For yellow and gold, look for camel and honey. Muted earthy greens like olive and moss are here for another season and will transition into winter décor.

Fall Color Combinations for your Home

Having an accent color like burnt orange or muted clay layered into your décor will add a touch of the fall season. The accent can be small like a decorative pillow or candle, or a statement like window drapery. Windows are an important feature in a room, so they offer a canvas for creativity.

Tonal palettes have a more modern feel. Use three shades within one color family. This always looks fabulous with neutrals. Start with a light neutral like cream and then add to it with a mid-tone neutral like natural and a darker shade like tan.

Complimentary colors will bring fall into your home like a pile of leaves. Combine olive with honey gold and a clay or terracotta from the red family. A new color palette this season is the combination of white, green, and brown, which can transition into the winter holidays.

Fall Fabric and Texture

Layering fabrics and texture is a winning fall trend. Velvet is featured this season. We are seeing smooth and textured velvets, even some with a bit of sheen. Layer boucle, linen, and other nubby fabrics to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Textured textiles can be added in pillows, throws, and window curtains. Rich velvet window curtains in a neutral like dove will be the pillar of the room. Add unique textures in a variety of decorative pillows and a warm cuddly throw to complete a living room that welcomes your family and friends.

Make Fall Your Favorite Season

Embrace the cooler weather and the respite before the holiday season. Transition your home by adding warm earthy colors and textured fabrics.

At the drape, we offer free video design consultations to assist with décor questions like fabric and color. Book your appointment today so you can have new custom window curtains for the season.


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