Your curtain questions answered

What is the difference between a Curtain and a Drape? 

Drapes are for fancy houses and curtains are for everyone else? WRONG!  There isn’t a difference.  Tomatoe, Tomato.

What is the difference between blackout and room darkening? 

Light management comes in many levels.  Our blackout lining blocks 99% of light.  Pair this lining with any of our other fabrics and your room will be dark.  Room darkening will get dark, but once your eyes adjust (like in a movie theatre) you will be able to sense some light.

What are bundles?

A bundle is 3 curtain panels, bundled together for ease of shopping.  2 outer panels (you decide if you want unlined, privacy lined or blackout lined) and a sheer.  We suggest using a double rod and hanging the sheer closest to the wall.

I’m hoping to mix and match sizes.  Is there a custom option?

Yes!! Each panel is made just for you.  Shop by panel and design the perfect fit for your home.  Need help?  Contact customer service at info@thedrape.com

I don’t see the size I need.  Now what?

No problem.  We are here for you.  We can accommodate all lengths (withing 1” increments) and multiple widths as special orders.  Customer service is here for you at info@therape.com

Is there someone I can speak with to help me make my choices?

Yes, we offer complimentary design consultations.  Easy scheduling here

Can you help me with measurements?

Of course!  Email us at info@thedrape.com or contact us here.  Take a look at our how to measure page to find more information.

Is there a way to see/feel the fabric?

Absolutely!  We offer free swatches so you can compare colors and fabrics at home.

Are curtains lined by default? 

Our curtains are unlined by default.  You can add a privacy lining or a blackout lining based on your personal light management needs.

Do you make Pinch Pleat curtains? 

Yes, we make these with a back loop for curtains rods. This is a special order item. Please contact us here for more details or email info@thedrape.com

Are you filling orders during COVID-19?

Yes, we are safely filling orders.

What is your turn around time?

We custom make every order.  Currently our turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.

How much is shipping? 

We offer free shipping to 48 states.  If you are super excited and, in a rush, to get your new curtains, we do offer faster options for a fee.

What are your shipping methods?

We provide free shipping via TNT, a FEDEX partner.

Can I cancel an order?

We custom cut and sew every order.  Once production starts, we are not able to cancel an order.

What is your return policy?

At the drape we want to do everything to make your shopping experience the best we can, and that includes a 30 day return policy.  For more details on our policy, click here.

How do I clean/ launder my curtains?

Click here to see care instructions.

I just received my curtains and they have some wrinkles and creases. What is the best way to remove these?

We steam all the curtains before we ship them.  It is common for certain fabrics to be prone to wrinkles.  We suggest that you hang up your curtains and see if some of the wrinkles fall out.  A portable steamer is a great way to remove persistent wrinkles.  If you prefer to use an iron, please see care instructions.

Do you sell to Interior Designers or the Hospitality trade?

Interior Designers and Hospitality is a core business.  Please contact us at info@thedrape.com and check out our design trade and commercial orders and page for more details

Do you sell curtain rods? 

Not yet.  Our preferred brands are Kenney and Umbra.