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Commercial Orders

Our workrooms are designed for drapery manufacturing of any volume

What do we offer?

Our factory is set up to handle various types of drapes, shower curtain, curtains and room dividers. To accommodate the different needs of our customer, we have divided our facility into two distinctive operations:

  • The Work Room is utilized for a made to order set-up that custom measures, cuts, and sews each product. 

  • The Mass Production Facility handles large volume mass production

In both cases we have implemented efficiencies in manufacturing to provide competitively price product whether it be for a hotel, restaurant, or your home.

Put us to the test! Can we help you reduce cost?

To receive more information about our pricing or to receive a quote on a potential order, email us at or contact us using the form below

Please provide all details and contact information and we can provide solutions based on your needs.​

  • The type of location the product will be used for

  • The delivery requirements

  • Volume requirements

  • Product specifications

  • Special packaging requirements 

  • The address you would like the order shipped to

  • Any other special requirements you may have

How do I place an order?

Once you’ve received your quote and determined that you’d like to proceed, we will send you an invoice. At that time, we will also ask for your payment information. You will be able to review your invoice and confirm your order before proceeding to payment.

Upon receipt of your payment information, we will place your order and will follow up with your receipt as well as tracking information when your order has shipped.

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