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Your go to tips for best styling selections

reasons to add curtains

Block light and add maximum privacy

You’re in luck! The blackout lining offers 100% blackout and can be added to any fabric you choose. 

Just need a little privacy

The privacy lining can be added to any fabric—even sheers. It will still allow light to enter but keep nosey neighbors away.

Filter the light entering the room but keep it nice and bright

If you’d like to filter the amount of light that comes into a room without blacking it out completely, our sheers will do the trick. They will add a finished look to your home but will allow the maximum light to enter your space.

A color accent

Each of our curtains comes in a curated collection of fabrics! We recommend the velvet for a lush, sophisticated touch. If you’re looking for something more casual, the cotton canvas is a great pick.

the drape curtain styling fabric selection custom lengths weighted hem lining

fabric selection

Select your favorite fabric and color combo. Not sure what will look best with your decor? Order free swatches to see them in person.

the cotton canvas

A timeless solid that coordinates with all decor..

the linen

A casual fabric that looks and feels great.

the velvet

Classic velvet with a matte finish and ultimate softness.

the textured velvet

Luxe velvet with a textured surface and perfect amount of lustre.

the room darkener

Tonal solid texture that blocks most light.

the cotton sheer

Soft light filtering solid sheer.

the linen blend sheer

Light filtering textured sheer.

the blackout lining

Turn any curtain into a maximum blackout curtain.

the privacy lining

Add a layer of privacy.

the drape fabric and color selection

custom lengths

Other companies are flooded with standard sizes that barely fit your needs. With us you can select any length you need. Maybe you need one panel slightly longer than the other. Have different types of windows in your room? We’ve got you covered from 12” all the way to 150”.

If you have a specific need that we don’t cover, e-mail us and we will be happy to help.

weighted hem

This keeps your curtains positioned where they are meant to be. No bowing bottoms here.


Select from five top styling options based on preference. The rod pocket/back tab combination is great for any space and provides two ways to hang the panel. You can elevate this styling option by hanging the panel from clip rings. Our grommet panels slide with ease and are ideal for curtains you are frequently opening and closing. We offer three grommet colors based on your design needs.

Lining Options


  • Provides natural light control

Option 1 No Lining.png

Style Options

Rod Pocket

Rod Pocket Style.png


Sheer curtains softly diffuse light

They provide privacy while allowing light to enter your home. Sheers can be use on their own or layered with panels.

the cotton sheer bedroom_grommet_no flip


Panels are opaque

They are commonly used for darkening a room.  Additional linings can be added to further darkening.

the cotton canvas media room_indigo_back
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