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curtain fabric swatch how to measure

how to measure

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Getting Started
gather a few supplies- pencil, measuring tape, step stool
download our measuring guide to keep all your information and numbers in one place

#1 - length

If you don’t have your curtain rod mounted, you may want to do that first.  Measuring from the top of the rod to the floor is the most popular.  If you do not like your curtains to touch the floor, then reduce your measurement by 1 inch.  Is dramatic more your style? Add 2-4 inches and your curtains will puddle on the floor. If you want more opulence, add 6-8 inches and your curtains will pool on the floor.

To get the measurement that you want, always measure from the TOP of the rod to where you want the curtain to stop.  This may be the bottom of the window frame, the top of a heater, or above a piece of furniture.

Custom lengths allow every panel to be exactly what you need.

We recommend measuring twice to confirm accuracy.  If you don’t see the length you need in our drop down, contact us


Width will help you determine panel quantity and fullness.

All of our panels are 52” wide.  We recommend two panels per standard window (24”-48”), one to hang on each side of the window. 

If you have a wider window, and you plan to close your curtains, then you will need to cover 2x the width of the window. 



Window width (72”) x 2 (for fullness) = 144”

Divide 144” by 52” (the width of all of our curtains) = 2.7 *round up to the nearest EVEN number.  A window looks best with the same number of panels on each side

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#2 - width

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