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Fabric Spotlight: the velvet custom window curtain

Are you looking for a little bit of Bridgerton in your home? During the Renaissance, luxurious fabrics like velvet expressed power, wealth, and taste.

At the drape, we believe that everyone deserves to be surrounded by luxury. Let's take a peek at how velvet made its way into our hearts and homes.

How is velvet made?

Velvet is woven as two thicknesses of fabric on a specialty loom. The fabric is then sliced through the center into two pieces and which are rolled up separately. The slicing of the fabric is how the pile is created. Pile is the term for the fibers that stand tall on velvet and give it the soft hand that makes you want to pet the fabric. Velvet, like many fabrics, originated in Asia. The fabric has been dated as far back as 400 BC with origination in China. Europeans discovered the fabric along the Silk Road and became enamored and began bringing it home. Italy was the first European country to produce velvet, and to this day is known for high-quality velvets used in apparel and home furnishings.

Glamorous Fabric

At the drape, the velvet is 100% cotton. This is a heavy-weight drapery fabric weighing 9.5 ounces a square yard. Adding the privacy lining or the blackout lining gives the finished window panel a polished appearance. Our very soft fabric is available in 4 colors; off white, dove, indigo, and ink. In addition to the panel styles available on the website, we can custom create valances and tie-backs for a complete regency look. Style with grommets, and this versatile fabric will add casual luxury to your home.

Free Swatches

At the drape, we provide FREE swatches with free shipping. Use code 5FREE and we will send you any 5 swatches per your request. Before purchasing custom window curtains, review the quality and color in your home. Hold the swatches up to your window at different times of day to evaluate the aesthetic and functional appeal.

In Real Homes

the velvet dove, antique brass grommet style. the velvet ink, nickel grommet style

You are not alone

At the drape, we know that purchasing custom window curtains for your home can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to help. In addition to the free swatches, we also offer complimentary design consultations. During this video call, our designers will discuss how to measure, which fabrics and linings will work best, and anything else you may need help with.


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