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How to Top Off Your Window Curtains

When purchasing window curtains at retail, you are limited by the style selection. At the drape, you build a custom window curtain, selecting the hanging style that you want.

We will explain many of the popular styles, when to choose them and what to expect.

It is time to learn and understand the difference between a pinch pleat and a back tab. This short post will help you do just that. For more information, refer to our style guide.

Top Style #1: Rod Pocket

A rod pocket is a channel that is sewn at the top of the window curtain. This is a classic style that has stood the test of time. This style does not open and close easily. If you like the formal look and want to let light in, add holdbacks (also known as tie-backs) to keep the curtain panels open. They also work well on wide windows where they can casually hang on the sides of the window.

Top Style #2: Grommet

At the drape, we offer 3 grommet colors: black, brushed nickel, and antique satin. The grommet and the curtain rod should be the same finish. A grommet (or eyelet) is a metal ring that is pressed around a hole on either side of the fabric. To hang, the curtain rod is threaded through the grommet holes. The deep folds that are created look modern and stylish. This curtain will slide easily between the open and closed positions.

Top Style #3: Back Tab

A back tab curtain has a fabric tab hidden on the back side of the window panel. At the drape, our back tab curtains also have a rod pocket, so it is a two-in-one option. This style curtain looks good open and closed. The deep folds created are the perfect blend for a clean casual style.

Top Style #4: Pinch Pleat

At the drape, we offer a classic tailored pleat. Three layers of fabric are pinched together to create the pleat. On the back side of the curtain, we have stitched a narrow loop. An elegant and fashionable window curtain option, this design can be hung on a decorative rod or with the addition of clip rings or drapery hooks.

Window Curtain Accessories

Clip rings are an accessory that is purchased with the decorative curtain rod. It is an elegant way to hang many curtain styles. It is common to use clip rings with pinch pleat panels. However, they also look great with a classic panel like a rod pocket or back tab, creating softer folds.

We are a custom drapery company and will make and design any style you are looking for. The above are the 4 styles are available for easy ordering on our website. If you have questions about which is right for your home, or if you want to explore an additional style option like tab tops or box pleats, send us an email at or set up a complimentary design consultation.


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