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How to Design Your Perfect Custom Window Curtains

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

It is time to turn your house into a home with the finishing touch of window curtains. This blog will address how to select the curtain style that best fits your space and aesthetic.

Your home is a way to show the world your personality. Are you moving into a new home and starting with a blank canvas or are you redecorating an existing room? There are many decisions that need to be made designing and styling your home.

Determining the style of curtain that matches your aesthetic is one way to start the window curtain design journey. We will review the features and benefits of rod pocket, back tab, pinch pleat, and grommet styles.


What design style are you?

Design trends come and go. Changing our spaces with a full overhaul or a few key pieces allows us the freedom to decorate, redecorate, and then do it again! Style carries through all the trends. It is the underlying feel of your home. The three style buckets that all trends fit into are Traditional, Modern / Contemporary, and Transitional. Customizing your window curtains to fit your style will lie the foundation of your room.

Traditional Modern/Contemporary Transitional

Traditional Custom Window Curtains

If traditional window curtains make you think of the Bridgertons, with their large window covered by scalloped valances and tassel trim, you are not wrong. The best style window curtain to use for this look is a rod pocket. It is easy to layer under the valance on a separate rod. At the drape, we can custom sew any valance you desire. Send us a photo and our workroom will make it a reality.

Layering window curtains create a more formal traditional feeling. Start with a sheer window panel. Hang this panel on a rod that fits closer to the window. Frame the window with two rod pocket window panels hanging on a decorative rod.

Pinch pleat window curtains are a quintessential traditional style. At the drape, the pinch pleat panels have a loop on the back. A decorative curtain rod up to 2" in diameter, can be threaded through the loops. Drapery hooks are another option for hanging pinch pleat panels.

Modern Custom Window Curtains

A modern home feels open and clean. It is not always easy to envision window curtains in a space like this. Curtains are not just decorative. They can provide privacy and light management. the cotton sheer curtain styled with a grommet is a fresh modern way to reduce direct sunlight and soften the view of your neighbors.

the room darkener black, Back Tab with clip rings the cotton sheer white, Grommet

In the bedroom, the room darkener window curtain will block light and improve the sleeping environment, To keep this fabric modern in style, order a back tab panel and hang with clip rings on a bold decorative rod.

Transitional Custom Window Curtains

If neither traditional nor modern style feels right for your home, Transitional is the style category for you. Transitional is an aesthetic where multiple styles and trends meet. A living room with a dark leather sofa (traditional) accented with bright textured pillows (color pop trend) is an example of a transitional living space. Clip rings are one way to make a window curtain feel more modern. Ordering a back tab panel, and then adding clip rings and a decorative rod creates a fresh vibrant look. Another great example is the back tab window curtain. A back tab panel is created so that when the panels are open they have an even column look. In this dining room example, you can see how the styling of the custom window curtains combined with the metallic accents creates a room that is neither traditional nor modern but most definitely glam.

the textured velvet muted clay, Back Tab adding clip rings the textured velvet cream, Back Tab

Custom Window Curtains From Home

It is no longer necessary to leave home or have a stranger come to your house to have beautiful custom window curtains. At the drape, we will send you swatches for free so you can review color and quality from the comfort of your home. If you need help with measurements, follow our guide. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our design team for help selecting style and double-checking measurements. We want your custom window curtain journey to be enjoyable. the drape is here to help!


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