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the cotton sheer

To strike the perfect balance of light management and a completed window look, choose our basic solid sheer—ideal for any room. This sheer is 100% cotton and is 52" wide with weighted corners. The sheer fits any standard rod 1.5" or smaller and can be completely customized to your desired length. Add a privacy lining or 100% blackout to darken the room as needed.
  • Each panel measures 52" wide

  • 100% cotton

  • Delivery 14 - 30 days (Choose your shipping option)

  • Dry Clean Only

  • Weighted bottom hem

  • Comes in grommet, backtab, pinch pleat, or rod pocket option

  • Option to add privacy or blackout lining

  • Imported

  • Linings and Styling Options

Lining Options


  • Provides natural light control

Option 1 No Lining.png

Style Options

Rod Pocket

Rod Pocket Style.png
Linings and Top Treatments


Sheer curtains softly diffuse light

They provide privacy while allowing light to enter your home. Sheers can be use on their own or layered with panels.

the cotton sheer bedroom_grommet_no flip


Panels are opaque

They are commonly used for darkening of a room.  Additional linings can be added to further darkening.

the cotton canvas media room_indigo_back

WOW! This is so nice

Emma K, El Paso, Texas

5 Stars.png

I ordered this to keep in my kitchen window because I wanted a nice flowy fabric, and this fit the bill!  I didn’t realize it had small weights in the corners when I ordered but let me tell you, best idea ever!!!  Why doesn’t everyone include these things?  The curtains stay where there supposed to and I get to enjoy my warm breeze


Tony L., Frederick, MD

4 Stars.png

I needed something for my office window since I started working from home last year.  The sunset hits my eyes at the end of the day and I couldn’t focus.  These are a nice option to keep light coming in without distracting my workflow.  I recommend them.

the cotton sheer reviews
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