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Drapery Decorating Solutions

Updated: May 31, 2022

Undertaking a decorating project is a lot of work, and decorating with curtains and drapes is no exception! The focus of a decorating or redecorating project tends to be on the larger items in the space: furniture, bed linens, and appliances. The perimeter of the room (the walls and windows) offers many opportunities to add style to your space. Adding drapes that fit your windows is the home design equivalent of a well-fitting suit.

There are many styles of design that you can select from or combine to make your house feel like your very personalized home. Today we are highlighting three drapery options that will work with any of those styles.

Window curtains and drapery that focus on color: Color can change the way you feel. Green is known for its calming effect and gold that makes your space feel warm, inviting, and luxurious. If you love color, you should design a room that is full of color. Colorful furniture, like a deep cognac leather sofa and multi-colored rugs married with painted walls and striking curtains like the textured velvet in muted clay, will be rich and bold. If that feels too bold, there are softer ways to add color. The linen in olive is a shade of green that will add color to a room and look striking as window curtains paired with walls that are soft beige or other creamy neutral.

Window curtains that focus on texture. Painted walls provide large expanses of color. The windows on these walls can provide an opportunity to add textured drapes. Solid textured curtains also add a calming respite to bold wallpaper. When considering drapery with a texture, the first thing you should consider is whether you prefer a matte finish or a little bit of sheen. The cotton canvas window curtain is a toothy fabric and because it is 100% cotton, it is not shiny. Matte fabrics tend to look better in casual and transitional designed interiors. Fabrics with a luster like the velvet window curtains provide modern-day luxury.

Window curtains that focus on length and style. If the ceiling height in the room is average and the windows are standard, hang the curtain panels as high as possible. The closer you hang the drapery to the ceiling, the longer the panels are. This added length will trick the observer's eye into thinking the room is bigger. Window panels that just touch the floor are sleek and tailored. If opulence is the look for your room, extend the panels 3-6” so they pool and puddle on the floor.

It doesn’t matter if you have lots of windows or just a few. If they are big windows or small windows, hanging the right window curtains will make them the focus of a room. Window curtains add additional benefits like light filtration, blackout, and insulation. At the drape, we offer a privacy lining and a blackout lining that can be added to any of our fabrics.

Styling your window curtains is not a solo journey. As a starting point, order 5 free swatches. Once you have the fabrics and colors you can schedule a complimentary session with our designer to get advice on styling and length.


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