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Choosing the Best Curtains for Your Media Room

Updated: May 31, 2022

Have you created a space in your home to replicate the intensity of a cinema experience? Media rooms or home theaters usually include a large flat-screen television or projection system that recreates the magic of going to the movies at home. Oftentimes, these rooms are converted studies or bedrooms for immediate family and close friends, but can also be a giant room designed specifically for this purpose for those with larger homes. Whatever the size and location, cozy, ample seating and soft lighting are important. Situational light management is crucial if the room has a window, as you don’t want the light streaming through the windows and causing a glare on your screen.

To create the perfect media room in your home, we recommend choosing from one of these three curtains for the ultimate movie experience.

  1. The room darkener is a woven panel that effectively blocks light. This is a thick fabric that has a texture on the face and the reverse is a smooth weave that is similar in color to the face. A room darkening panel will block almost all light. This fabric looks great and adds a subtle amount of texture to the décor. It’s a great partner for a space with leather or denim furniture.

  2. The textured velvet with the blackout liner. If you are looking for a *wow* factor, look no further. Velvet curtain panels will create a theatre ambiance in your media room. The velvet is a dense fabric, and adding the blackout liner will stop almost all light from coming in. For ultimate elegance, add velvet upholstered furniture.

  3. The cotton canvas with the blackout liner. Adding the blackout liner to the cotton canvas will create a curtain that can work with any décor and block out light. The cotton canvas is a sturdy fabric that can go from casual to transitional and will look great in a media room. the blackout liner will help keep the room dark. With a classic fabric like this on the windows, you can add tweeds and textures in the furniture.

For best results, mount your rod above the window. The higher up the better. We recommend at least two to four inches above the window frame. Also, mount the brackets out to the side of the window frame by at least two inches. The more coverage you can create the less light will be able to creep in around the edges. For a standard 48” wide window, we suggest two panels to ensure full coverage. For length, measure from the curtain rod to the floor. Back Tab panels are the best for a room like this. When the drapes are open, they will have a nice rolling look to the fabric.

At the drape, you can order 5 free swatches. When placing your order, make sure to include the blackout liner in your swatch selection. You can test the quality by holding the flashlight of your cell phone up to the fabric. No light will show through. If you have questions, email, or sign up for a free design consultation.


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