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Blackout Curtains: More than Darkness

Updated: May 31, 2022

Blackout curtains is the most searched curtain term online. Purchasing blackout curtains or adding a blackout liner to your existing curtains can positively affect your room décor beyond simply canceling out the light in the room. There are many different options for adding them to your home.

When it comes to the design of the curtains, blackout can be incorporated into the curtain or it can be an additional lining option. The main two constructions are foamback curtains and woven blackout. These come in different weights and opacity from light filtering to room darkening to blackout.

It is hard to claim 100% blackout because eventually, your eyes will adjust to the darkness of the room and you will slowly be able to see better. Think of how when you go into a movie theatre, it feels really dark, but your eyes adjust after sitting for a few minutes. It is the same phenomenon.

Because of the name, when you hear blackout curtains, you assume they’ll block the light, and that is true. However, don’t limit yourself to thinking that is the only use and value. A good quality blackout curtain will also help regulate the temperature in your home.


What rooms should you hang blackout curtains in?


This is probably the most obvious. It is well known that a dark, cool room will give you the optimal sleeping environment. A blackout curtain, properly hung, can keep light out of your room. This is wonderful if you live near street lights, or on a busy street. It is also great if you need to sleep during the day.


Sleep training is a HUGE topic for new parents. Blackout curtains in a child’s room and nursery will facilitate good sleep habits. Daytime naps are important for the children and the parents. A high-quality blackout curtain will also reduce noise from outside by muffling sounds.


These may not be rooms that you need to block light, but blackout curtains have other features. Blocking out sunlight can assist in protecting your interior furniture and rugs from exposure to sunlight. In addition, the heavier lining fabric will also help create a pocket between the curtain and your window. This traps the air that comes in from around the window. If you have air conditioning in the summer, it will assist in keeping the cool air in. The same effect in the winter will keep the warm in.


If you like the home-theatre effect in your home, blackout curtains are the way to go. When you are ready to watch a movie or binge-watch a Netflix series, pull the blackout curtains closed.


No one likes to work with a glare on their monitor. A blackout curtain will help regulate the light in your home office. If you have a video call, you can adjust the light in the room so you look your best.


At the drape, we offer a blackout lining that can be added to any of our curtains. If you already have curtains, you can purchase the blackout lining and hang it behind as a second layer.

Curtains have the power to transform your home. If you are unsure what steps to take, we are here to help. We offer free swatches and free consultations.


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