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Curtains in Small Spaces

Updated: May 31, 2022

Just like homes, windows come in all shapes and sizes. At the drape, we offer multiple styles and fabrications you can select to coordinate with your decor. We happily make curtains in the size your window needs. No window should have to go without style!

Small and odd-sized windows show up throughout the home. Kitchens and bathrooms are at top of the list for these windows. Basement and garage windows are also typically smaller than average. Statistically, older homes tend to have windows that are smaller and have unique measurements.

The most common and visible place to find small windows is in the kitchen. Typically, these windows are over the sink, and they tend to be narrow and short. Two solutions for kitchen curtains:

  1. Valance- A straight valance with grommets will keep the kitchen modern-looking. Choose a solid fabric in a color that will either blend with the colors in your kitchen or add a pop of color as an accent. When selecting the grommet finish, try to match the other metal finishes in the space. For a softer feeling, a sheer fabric styled with a rod pocket creates a shirred fullness mounted using a standard drapery rod. In many kitchen spaces, a short tension rod will work better than a traditionally mounted curtain rod.

  2. Café Curtain- A café curtain is a panel that covers the lower half of the window. This option is better for creating privacy and blocking the view in or out of the window. Both a grommet or rod pocket style will work as a café curtain. The curtain materials and color should match the color story of the kitchen

Another common small window is called a sidelight. These windows are narrow and come in many different heights. Store-bought curtains come in very specific lengths and this makes it hard to get the right length and fit for this situation. Selecting a sheer curtain material will create privacy and also let in light. There are two ways to hang a sidelight panel. Hang it from a top rod like a traditional curtain. The top rod can be mounted outside the window or as a tension rod inside the frame, depending on construction. The other option is to use a top and bottom rod. This creates tension in the curtain panel and reduces the movement of the curtain material.

Another interesting design challenge is a window that is flush to the wall without a frame or soffit. Café rods are a nice solution for this. This style rod can be mounted at the top and bottom of where the curtain should be placed.

For help with measuring and selecting custom curtains for small windows, sign up for a free design consultation. Every window deserves the perfect curtain.


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