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How to Incorporate Window Curtains in Your Halloween Decorating.

Updated: May 31, 2022

Halloween is the best time of the year! The weather is starting to change, and it is the beginning of the festive months. The pageantry, decorations, and costumes all make Halloween extra special. All of this also makes it a fun holiday to decorate for.

The amount and variety of Halloween décor is fantastic. The range from colorful pumpkins and gory skeletons to mirrored skulls and crafty spider webs is dizzying. Everyone should decorate as much and as early as possible to maximize the longevity of their decor.

This Halloween we are going to focus on how to decorate with grey window curtains. At the drape, we have three different grey colors, each in a different fabric.

The cotton canvas in charcoal is 100% cotton and has a nice "toothy" look to it. It transforms any room with simple charm in stunning colors. The cotton canvas can be customized to your desired length and design preferences. These window panels make a great backdrop for all things skeletal. Leaving the styling of your panels as they are, create a vignette of skeletons. Add a pumpkin for them to nibble! Grey can be an eerie color and the charcoal color featured here is a fantastic background for holiday fun. Watch out for the zombies living behind the curtains!

It is also fun to add temporary style additions to the window. The velvet window panels in dove are layered over the cotton sheer. Here we added black netting, draping it over the top of the curtains as a valance. The mermaid skeleton is hanging on the fishing line so she looks like she is floating. The results are stylish and just a little scary.

Big windows deserve big decorations. The textured velvet in dark grey is the spookiest of window panels. For this window, the giant spider web has been strung across the window. It is flanked on either side by the window curtains.

At the drape, we have more than grey. Order 5 free swatches and start planning your holiday decorating today. All of our window curtains are made to order, in the size and style you need. We are available for free consultations to talk about all the scary stuff; measuring, styling, and even picking colors.


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