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Celebrate Earth Week

We have one planet and it is our collective responsibility to keep it healthy. Choices are made every day, paper straws, reusable water bottles, curbside recycling, and more. Every action counts. When all actions are added together, we can start to make an effective change.

There are choices available when you decorate your home. Sustainable décor can help reduce your carbon footprint. It means you opt to style your home with choices that are thoughtful and meaningful. You will reuse and recycle whenever possible and select items that are responsibly sourced.

When it is time to decorate or redecorate, do not rush into decisions. Trends are amazing and helpful. Use them as inspiration but stay true to yourself. Selecting colors, furniture, décor pieces that are meaningful to you, will fill your space, home and life with joy. Invest in exactly what you want. Waiting to get the piece that you really want is less wasteful.

That does not mean that everything needs to be brand new. Shop at thrift stores and vintage retailers to find amazing deals on pre-loved items. Handmade items are another way to support individual artists and designers and have a beautiful object.

When possible, select plastic alternatives. Use glass, ceramic or tin when you can. If there is a décor item, piece of furniture, or even a rug that no longer serves you, donate or sell it, giving it a second life.

Add plants to your home. They will naturally help clean the air. Find pots and containers at tag sales or flea markets. Or up-cycle something you already have.

Reduce the use of energy in your home, by turning off lights and being mindful of appliances. Pay attention to how much water you use doing the dishes or brushing your teeth.

Replacing your standard curtains with blackout curtains will reduce your energy bill. The blackout curtains will insulate your windows and help you keep the temperature regulated in your room. During the winter the warm air will stay in the room and in the summer if you have an air conditioner running, they will reduce the amount of sun warming up the space.

At the drape, we custom make each curtain. This means there is less waste. You can select the styling that is what you want. We offer fabrics with natural fibers like cotton and linen, and a blackout liner that will add an extra layer of efficiency.

To start your custom curtain journey, order free swatches and review the quality and colors you dream of.


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