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The Meaning Behind Custom

Updated: May 31, 2022

Miriam Webster defines custom-made as “made to individual specifications.” Synonyms: bespoke, made-to-order.

the drape embraces and epitomizes this definition. Our website offers a curated assortment of fabric and colors available in custom lengths and design preferences. At the drape, we believe there is a curtain for every window.

Online shopping has made life easier and curtains should be no different. You can save time and eliminate the frustrations of a retail store. You no longer have to worry about finding the color you like and being disappointed that it is not in the size or style you prefer. You have all of our tips and tricks available to you in real-time as you are measuring your space.

We all know how frustrating it has been these last few months to actually receive the items you ordered in the timeline promised. With store inventory becoming unreliable or settling for a size or style that is always a little bit off, you can rest assured that our orders will always be fulfilled in the time promised. Our fabrics are always in stock and will ship directly to your home within 3 weeks.

Your home should be exactly what you want, reflecting your style and personality.

Custom can sound intimidating, but it shouldn’t be. Design, create and order the curtains that are perfect for the windows in your home. This process cuts down on waste and excess textile production. Window curtains that are the correct length for your windows create a polished and finished look.

We want to help you make where you live a home by creating a space that is inviting, livable, and full of personality!

To get started creating a custom window curtain that will transform your house into a home, follow the four steps below:

  1. Order Free Swatches All of our fabrics are available as part of the 5 free swatches offer (the linen, the cotton canvas, the textured velvet, the cotton velvet, the room darkener, the linen blend sheer, the cotton sheer, and two lining options: privacy and blackout). Every computer, phone, and tablet displays color differently so swatches are a great way to check the color and also feel the fabric. If you prefer to review our entire line in person, we offer all 26 swatches in our library for a flat fee of $20.

  2. Review Swatches The swatches are shipped from New York and will arrive within a week. Take time to review the swatches when they arrive. Look at them in different lights and at different times of the day. Tape the swatches to the window and evaluate the light management of the fabric. Evaluate the drape (the way the fabric hangs) by using clip rings or clothespins to hang the swatch near the window.

  3. Start customizing! Choose the fabric and color that works for your room based on the swatches you’ve reviewed. Select the style for the window: Rod Pocket, Back Tab, or Grommets. If a lining is needed, add it now. Blackout lining is great if keeping light out is a requirement. If you prefer all windows to be white facing the road, add the privacy lining.

  4. Place your order! We hit the ground running (after doing a happy dance) as soon as we receive your order. This waiting period is a good time for you to purchase and install your window hardware to prepare for your new drapery arrival.

Do you feel like you need more guidance on one or all of these steps? That's okay! Set up a design consultation. Our design staff will assist you through every step.


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