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Move Over She Shed—It’s Time for the Shroom

Updated: May 31, 2022

The She Shed trend started about six years ago. It was womenkind's answer to the man cave. The idea was to create a space to get away and relax in a space that was your own.

In the beginning, the plan was simple, refresh the old shed in the backyard: paint it, add some comfy furniture, create a sanctuary. Over the years, this trend has grown and so has the extravagance of the sheds. There are numerous articles and resources online, and Pinterest is full of inspiration.

But what if you live in a city? Is it still possible to have your own She Shed? Instead of looking outside your home for your personal space, consider creating a She Room, otherwise known as a “Shroom.”

How to start? First, define what your expectations are for the space. What do you want to do in this She Room? Do you need a desk for your computer? Or maybe you have craft supplies and exercise equipment that need a new home. Take inspiration from Marie Kondo and decide what sparks joy in your life and how you can bring it into your new space.

Storage and furniture should be next on your list, including how to make the most out of closet space. Our team are huge believers in closet systems, as they’re a great way to hide items you might not want out for everyone to see. From there, think about what furniture exists in the room already that can be repurposed to fit within your new design.

Anything that’s leftover should be decluttered and donated or given away to your local Buy Nothing group. After you’ve decided what furniture best fits your space, don’t be afraid to get creative with it. Adding decal tiles to the face of your existing drawer can go a long way in giving it a makeover!

Next, consider the color palette. If you have a signature color, this is the perfect space to fully embrace it. For example, if you love purple as I do, you’ll need to decide what shade of purple will best represent the look you’re going for in your Shroom. Since this is now your own space, embrace the opportunity to experiment, even if it means mixing seven small sample cans of various shades of grey, lilac, and lavender you already have on hand. Even though painting is rarely any fun, try to make sure the process is as pleasurable as possible. Give yourself the space to take a few days to paint and really enjoy making the room come to life.

From there, it’s time to add accessories. If you have well-loved floors, spruce them up with a rug that ties together the colors you’ve selected to incorporate in the room. Also, don’t forget to shop your own home for pieces that might look tired in their existing location but could come alive in your Shroom. Those floor pillows from your trip to Thailand might look out of place in your living room, but perfectly cozy in your Shroom. Similarly, make sure to add in mementos and things that make you smile. Art and shelves lined with trinkets will put your personal stamp on your Shroom.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you can enjoy your space no matter the time of day. Add in a few lamps to create a soft glow to read by at night. Crave sunlight during the day? A She Room is the perfect place to hang sheer window curtains. We have a wide variety of fabrics that will gently diffuse the light (the cotton sheer, the linen, and the linen blend sheer) depending on your preferences.

Realistically your Shroom will probably continue to be a work in progress. It could probably use more plants, right?? But as long as you love the space and continue to have to grow with you, it will be a great sanctuary to get through all life throws at us.


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