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The Cotton Sheer - Off-White - Rod Pocket - Unlined
To strike the perfect balance of light management and a completed window look, choose our basic solid sheer—ideal for any room. This sheer is 100% cotton and is 52" wide with weighted corners. The sheer fits any standard rod 1.5" or smaller and can be completely customized to your desired length. Add a privacy lining or 100% blackout to darken the room as needed.

The Cotton Sheer - Off-White - Rod Pocket - Unlined


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  • Each panel measures 52" wide
  • 100% Cotton
  • Delivery 14 - 30 days (Choose your shipping option)
  • Machine washable; Line Dry
  • Weighted bottom corner
  • Comes in grommet, backtab, or rod pocket option
  • Imported

Style Options

Rod Pocket

Rod Pocket Style.png

Lining Options


  • Provides natural light control

Option 1 No Lining.png
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