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Spring Inspired Colors for 2021

Updated: May 31, 2022

Spring is here, and it is time to put on the sunscreen and get outside to enjoy the weather! Look around, nature is here for your color inspiration. It is time to bring that energy inside.

While selecting colors for your home can feel overwhelming, taking inspiration from nature is a way to create a color story for the interior of your home. The natural world has a way of balancing colors and creating pairings that work.

To get started putting together color combinations, look around you. You can look at one thing like a flower or an entire vista.


Nature Inspired Color Palette

Look at a Black-Eyed Susan. It has a green stem and leaves, yellow petals, and a dark center. If we put those three colors together even without the context of the flower, they work.

Another inspirational image is a view that may be from a cabin out across a lake. The deep blue of the lake surrounded by green foliage and wildflowers in clays and yellows. Look at how lovely the colors look in fabric swatches.

Beach lovers know that witnessing colors in nature is best at sunset: the deep blue of the ocean, the natural color of the sand, and the sky filled with white clouds and shades of pink.

Look no further than the yard. Multiple shades of green in the grass and shrubs. Whites and beige in the stones and accent pieces. And of course, the flowers in warm red shades.


Go-to Colors from Nature Not sold on the color palettes? Try looking at specific hues that immediately evoke nature.

Green - Step out your door in spring and shades of green are everywhere. In the morning after a rain shower, the green leaves shimmer. The vibrant green is an uplifting color and is great for accents, like a lamp base, accent tray, or throw pillow. If you want more green in your home year-round look for olive green and other light greens with a dusty yellow cast. This family of greens can be used as a base color for paint, curtains, or carpet.

Blue - It is said that blue is America’s favorite color. It is natural for us to react positively to a color we see almost every day when we look up. Light blue in a bathroom can transport you to a tropical island. Add a blue shower curtain or set of towels. Darker blues like denim and indigo are like looking into the ocean. A denim blue sofa in a family room creates a collegiate feeling. Hang indigo blackout curtains in a bedroom for the teenager that wants to sleep through the beautiful days.

White - there are many variations on white in nature. Look up at the clouds and you will see nuances of color moving the spectrum of cool greyish whites to warm yellow and off whites. If you have made color-loving bold choices with your paint colors and furniture, white on your windows can give the eyes a place to rest.

Red - A flower garden is full of colors. Shades of red are very popular. Red in your home can be a fun addition. Use it as an accent color with a red coffee pot or tea kettle in the kitchen. Use a pinky red in the bathroom on the wall of the towels creating a fun glamour zone. Muted reds are great wall, curtain, and furniture colors.

Take a look around outside. How can you bring nature indoors? How can you combine colors the way mother earth does? At the drape, we have 7 fabrics that can be used as window curtains throughout your home. Channel your inner decorator, and order 5 free swatches.


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