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Custom Curtain Fabric Spotlight: the cotton canvas

Updated: May 31, 2022

At the drape we have a curated assortment of fabrics available for custom window curtains. It can be difficult to choose which fabric is best for your windows and curtain interior design dreams. In this blog edition we will share the details of one of our fabrics, the cotton canvas.We will review how it is made, the history and ways to design custom curtains.

Canvas is a plain-weave fabric which means that it is woven in a simple weaving pattern, alternating the weft (horizontal threads) over and under the weft (vertical threads). The tighter the weave, the denser and opaquer the fabric becomes. The more threads per inch, the softer the fabric will be.

Canvas is a type of fabric and cotton is the fiber that the fabric is made of. This is how we came up with the name the cotton canvas. Canvas was traditionally made with hemp of linen.

In Ancient Egypt, canvas was used for sails on ships, also being called sailcloth. In the 17th century, cotton production increased in India and this country became the largest producer of canvas fabric. Alternative uses for the fabric started to be discovered. Venice was a large seaport, and during the Renaissance when painters battling humidity and struggling to paint on wood, searched for a new medium, canvas was at the ready.

Canvas is not a dressy, fancy fabric, but it is classic and useful. Canvas was used for work apparel and entered the fashion arena in shoes and handbags. In home design, cotton canvas entered our homes as napkins and table coverings, moving into window curtains.

The cotton canvas is an excellent choice for custom window curtains for your next interior design project.

Here are some customer successes with the cotton canvas.

natural pinch pleat patio door indigo rod pocket panel charcoal grommet panel


The versatility of the cotton canvas allows it to work with ease with all our styling options from Grommet to Pinch Pleat. There are 5 colors to choose from. You can order free swatches here.

Have you created custom window curtains with the cotton canvas?


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