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History of Hues: Dove Grey

Updated: May 31, 2022

In this edition of History of Hues we are starting with nature: specifically, the Mourning Dove, to begin learning about the color inspiration of Dove Grey. Dove grey is comprised of near-even amounts of black and lightness. There are slightly blue and pink undertones, a mixture often found on the feathers of a dove.

The most popular doves are Mourning doves, Eurasian collared doves, and white-winged doves. Mourning doves are known for their brown and gray coloring. Both the males and females have black spots, small heads, and slender tails. They have an amazing mix of muted tones. Collared doves are marked with a black band around their necks and white-winged doves by the white stripe on their wings.

Looking back in the history of fabrics, undyed wool was a grey color. To dye the fabric, expensive and rare pigments were used. Only the wealthier classes and royalty could afford these brightly colored clothes. The rest of the population would wear fabric in its more natural state, which meant very neutral and sometimes drab colors.

For architects, interior designers, and fashion designers, grey has long been a color to turn to for its ability to add instant style and timeless elegance to designs.

After World War II, America was rebuilding. The housing market changed and neighborhoods in suburbia started to emerge. Lustron Corporation designed and built prefab houses from porcelain-enameled steel. These homes came in a series of colors that were explicitly marketed to women, and the palette had a distinctly feminine feel.

With the help of Howard Ketchum, the company created four exterior panel colors: surf blue, maize yellow, desert tan, and dove gray, trimmed in eggshell white and featuring dark grey roofing tiles. The concept was great, a modern easy to care for the home. Lustron faced financial problems and assembled 2,500 homes before closing the doors. Less than 2,000 of these homes still exist.

Since the 1950s, grey has continued to dominate home color palettes, inside and out. Over time, the trends will move from light grey to dark grey, from a cool grey to a warm grey. This non-neutral neutral will remain consistently popular.

Dove grey is a trustworthy color, which is why we selected it for the velvet. Our velvet is 100% cotton and has a fantastic feel. Dove grey velvet will add a sense of warmth and coziness to any room. The magic of this mid-grey is that it will work with any on-trend interior color scheme. Add sophistication to a family room filled with bright colors. In a living room decorated in rich jewel tones, dove window coverings will add to the elegance without competing with the strong color choices. Add blackout lining and this neutral is the perfect choice of a curtain for a nursery.

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