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Gathering After COVID-19 Lock Downs

Updated: May 31, 2022

The future is still uncertain, and many of us are feeling unsure. However, we are entering what we like to call the “New Season.” The world is not going to return to its pre-pandemic ways, but things are changing in a positive way.

We have been home for a year. We have de-cluttered, we have cleaned, we have rearranged, all for our own pleasure and contentment, but now it seems like we may be able to have people over! Not a lot of people, not for the boisterous singing party, but people...

With the promise of guests on the horizon, it’s time to figure out what exactly these new gatherings will look like. Not only do you have to worry about venues and menus, but also who you feel comfortable inviting. Many of us are experiencing anxiety about making plans. For so long now, our movements have been limited and our options narrowed. Getting back to socializing outside our immediate family or “pod” is exciting and intimidating all at the same time. However, the pressure can feel overwhelming to get your first in-person get-together right, but we’ve put together some ideas to ease you in!

  • Plan a gathering for a missed celebration.

    • The past year made all of these milestones different. Create a new family tradition by celebrating all birthdays that ended in 0 and 5 at the same time. Have a life stages party starting with a baby shower and moving through to a 50 year wedding anniversary. These events typically are large boisterous family gatherings, but now, maybe the way to celebrate is multiple times with smaller groups.

  • Have a hobby meet-up.

    • Did you belong to a book club, bridge club, or knitting club pre-COVID? Reignite this group with a live in-person get-together, complete with chatting and snacking It’s sure to bring back memories of what life was before COVID. “Sorry, I can’t cook dinner tonight, I have Book Club.” That is a phrase that hasn’t been uttered in a while.

  • Reconnect with close friends.

    • It is time for a close catch-up. Round up your three or four besties for lunch, an at-home spa day, or maybe nothing at all. When was that last time you all gathered at someone's house? Each bringing part of the meal. Lingering at the table catching up on work, family, and life. Planning this type of get-together will go a long way in making life feel a little normal again.

If you are ready, and you feel safe, then start planning. It doesn’t have to be today or this week, but start flexing those event planning muscles. Maybe start with putting together menu ideas on a Pinterest board. If you’re worried about the look of your home, consider investing in tableware, a few cushions, or our custom drapery to add the perfect ambiance to your next gathering. Our linen blend sheer or our cotton voile are fantastic curtains that will filter the light creating a soft daytime ambiance. If an evening gathering is in your plans, try the cotton velvet or the textured velvet in your living room or dining room. Both fabrics are sumptuous!


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