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Creating an Oasis for Your Guests

Updated: May 31, 2022

One of the many joys we get to experience during the holiday season is hosting friends and family, sometimes as overnight guests. Welcoming people into the home and making them feel comfortable by creating the perfect guestroom is on many agendas this time of year. The two key components that make a fabulous guest room are a comfortable bed and window curtains that provide light control.

A Comfortable Bed

  • Start by building a sleeping oasis from the bottom up. If you are buying a new mattress select something that is not too firm and not too soft. Whether the mattress is old or new, you will want to add some protection to it with a mattress protector. A mattress pad will add cushion and luxury. Make sure you select one that is hypo-allergenic if you anticipate having different guests stay over. No one wants to have puffy eyes and runny noses during the holidays!

  • Select sheets that are a natural fiber and of the same quality that you would put on your own bed. If you reside in an area that gets very cold, you may add blankets as you make the bed. A great option is folding blankets in a basket near the foot of the bed so that your guests can make their own decision.

  • For the comforter and duvet, select something that you like. Don’t keep it “neutral” if that isn’t your style. Your guest room is part of your home and should make your guests feel welcomed into your style.

  • In addition to spare blankets, it is a good idea to have spare pillows available. When you begin selecting the pillows, go for a range from soft to firm. This way your guests can mix and match to their preference.

A Light Controlled Room

  • Windows in the guest room should be given the same thought and attention as the bed. Light affects our circadian rhythms, so giving your guest the ability to control the light in the room is a sign of host/hostess care and interest in their comfort.

  • Start with a sheer curtain that will soften the daylight and provide a small bit of privacy. This will allow the sun in during the day and your guests to enjoy the view.

  • Select a fabric for the main window curtains that is an aesthetic and color scheme that works with the style of the room. Heavier fabrics tend to block out more light, and the best solution for a dark room is blackout curtains. Darkness triggers the body to produce melatonin, ultimately helping sleep quality.

At the drape, we offer a curated selection of fabrics and colors. Our blackout lining can be added to any window curtain fabric. For optimal results, follow our How to Measure Guide to ensure your window curtains are providing the necessary coverage. If you have questions, book a complimentary session with our design team today!

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Marilyn Ricci
Marilyn Ricci
Nov 09, 2022

Wonderful ideas😀

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