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Refresh & Reset: Children's Bedrooms

Updated: May 31, 2022

Decorating a space for your child to play and grow should be a joyful and fun undertaking. Each iteration of the room you decorate for your children marks a passage of time. The first decorating project is the nursery. You have total control of the design and colors. From there we move to the toddler stage. The crib is outgrown, and it is time for a bed. At this point, there may be some character influence. You may still have all executive design decisions, but little wills are starting to have opinions. The next stage comes at varying ages depending on your child. The first “big kid” room. This is when as parents, we start to lose design control. As the children mature and become pre-teens and teenagers, parental design choices are out the window.

There are three main elements in decorating a child’s bedroom. The wall color, the bedding, and the window curtains.

Keep on reading for our tips on selecting the right window curtain for your child’s bedroom. With proper planning, the curtains can grow with your children.


Updating bedding from crib to toddler bed to big kid bed is necessary as the bed sizes change. Choosing a solid color window curtain will allow flexibility in bedding choices. A neutral color will have the potential of matching multiple future bedding selections. Remember, grey and navy can also act as neutral colors. Navy window curtains look great with many colors like lavender or gold.


Helping our children establish healthy sleep habits is part of being a good parent. At the drape, we offer room darkening and blackout curtains. The room darkening window curtain is a triple woven construction that blocks most light. Our blackout lining is 100% blackout and can be added to any fabrication, creating a window panel that will block light night and day. Take into consideration where you live and the direction the windows face.


In a child’s bedroom, you will want a style of window curtain that will open and close easily. Grommets and back tabs both open and close on a decorative rod. Pinch pleats or a rod pocket panel hung on clip rings will also move smoothly back and forth.


Windowsill length is recommended for a child’s room. When panels are floor-length and children are small there is the risk of them pulling on the fabric, with the potential

of pulling them down.

Decorating is fun and we are here to help you along the way. Order five free swatches to help with color and fabric selection. It is also a great way to see the quality of the blackout lining. Not sure how to measure or place your curtain rod? Schedule a complimentary consultation.


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